Things to know about intakes in Canada 2021

There are three different intakes in Canada for International Students. Fall, Winter and Summer Intake. In some universities of Canada, intakes may also be named as a semester. Canada intake for international students are described below:

Fall intake for Canada starts in September and it is the primary intake.

Winter Intake for Canada starts in January and it is the Secondary Intake. That would mean that most of the universities offer all their courses in Fall/September Intake as it is the primary intake and Winter/January Intake is for the students who missed their chance in Fall. Many universities offer a large number of courses in January/Winter Intake in Canada.

Summer Intake for Canada would start in May, and the courses offered there are far and few. MBA Intakes in Canada are the same as above, and so are the intakes in Canada for Masters.

Major Intakes in Canada 2020 Starts in Details about Study Intakes in Canada

Fall Intake September Primary Intake, Universities offer all the courses to international students

Winter Intake January Secondary Intake, A large number of courses available for students who missed fall intake

Spring Intake May Only Few Courses Available, Not all universities offer courses in Spring Intake

fall intake in canada:

Duration: September, October, November, December

Fall Intake is also known as September Intake.

This intake includes the most number of institutes offering the largest number of seats available in all the courses, compared to the other two Intakes.

It is the primary intake for the students who want to study in Canada. Most Students prefer fall intake to start their studies in Canada, as it will give them enough time to be conditioned to the studies and the environment. This will put these students, 4 to 5 months ahead of the students joining in winter intake. Apart from that, the weather in fall is more pleasant compared to the winter.

when should i apply for september 2021 intake in canada ?

You can apply for September intake in Canada from August 2020 to October 2020. Check the deadline of the universities you want to study in and apply at least a month before your deadline. Don’t delay in replying to university emails.

Deadlines for September intake in Canada: Deadlines for application for this intake generally fall between December and March. However, it varies from institute to institute.

winter intake in canada:

Duration: January, February, March, April

Winter intake in Canada is also known as January Intake.

This intake can be considered as the continuation of the fall intake. A fewer number of institutes offer courses in winter intake compared to the fall intake.

when should i apply for january 2021 intake in canada?

Mostly, the students who have missed the admission in fall intake would opt for winter intake. They will have another chance to continue their studies without waiting for a whole year. The atmosphere in winter gets very cold and it is not pleasant to start in such conditions. Moreover, students will have to adapt to the environment at the institute quickly, compared to the students from the fall intake.

Deadlines for January Intake Canada:​ Deadline to this intake generally fall between September and November. However, it varies from institute to institute.

spring intake in canada

Duration: May, June, July, August

Spring intake in Canada or summer intake in Canada is also known as May Intake.

This is the least preferred intake of all the intakes in Canada that are available. Not many colleges offer a course during the spring session, and the ones that offer are very few.

Most of the students prefer going back to their homes or take a spring break off during summer. It is not a compulsory semester. Students can still take the courses if they want to, but as said earlier, there are not many options to choose from.

when should i apply for spring 2021 intake in canada ?

Start Applying to Colleges in the months from October 2020 to December 2020. Most spring Intake colleges in Canada 2021 will have their deadline set in the month from October to February, but you should always keep an eye on the university’s website for updated May 2020 Intake in Canada deadlines. Apply before the due date.

Deadline for May Intake Canada: The final dates to apply for May Intake are generally fall in February. However, the dates may change from institute to institute.

which intake to opt for?

It may be quite confusing for you to decide the intake that suits you best. We will help you choose the intakes. You should consider the following factors for it

Availability of your preferred course

Acceptance rates

Your academic records

Entrance test scores

Availability of Job opportunities

Your readiness to join the program.

However, most of the international students prefer or choose the September intake. January and April intakes are also considered good for many programs. If you do not have your scorecards ready until the application date, it is better to skip the current intake and apply for the next intake.

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