How To Apply Canada Student Visa? The Canada Student Visa Requirements, Steps to follow to apply for Canada Study Permit? Read on to know more about it here.

More than 130,000 international students preferred Canadian universities over other universities in Europe and America. Offering a high-quality or standard teaching system, Canada is also rich in possibilities and cultures. But, what do you require to get your student visa for Canada and how difficult is it to get it?

Let’s see what are the key steps for getting your Canadian student visa

A foreign student who desire to study in a Canadian institution will be required to obtain a Canadian Study Permit. This study permit is awarded for the duration of the student’s stay in Canada.

This visa is generally awarded to those foreign students who have already been accepted for admission by a designated Canadian learning Institution.

Canada Student Visa Requirements

Applicants must fulfill the following conditions to be qualified for Canada Student Visa:

Candidates have to provide evidence of acceptance by a designated learning institute in Canada.

Candidates must have a valid passport.

The student must be in good health.

Applicant must show proof of financial ability to pay for tuition fees.

A proof of your financial ability so as to support he/herself financially during the course of study in Canada.

Applicant must be a law abiding citizen with no criminal record.

Candidate may also be required to undergo a medical test.

Candidate must be ready to leave Canada at the expiration of the program.

Candidate may have to provide a police verification certificate and agree to abide by the laws of the land.

Steps to follow to apply for Canada Study Permit

During your application for the Canadian student visa, access the information provided for the visa/permit requirements on the CIC website to be sure about your eligibility status.

Once you are certain of your eligibility for application, you can proceed with the following procedure:

Step 1: Obtain letter of acceptance: The first step towards applying for a Canada study permit is to get a letter of acceptance from an approved higher education institution.

Step 2: Check the processing time: After you have received the letter of acceptance, Find out about the processing time. This will give you an idea on the period to apply to get to Canada to pursue your course on time.

Step 3: Determine how you will apply: Thanks to ICT inventions, as application can be done online. But, you ought to have access to a credit card and a scanner to be able to make electronic copies of your supporting documents.

Step 4: Download the application kit: The application kit carries the information on how to apply, the documents required for application and other important information about filling up the study permit application form.

Step 5: Fill out the tourist visa application form: Read through the instruction guide to fill up the application form. Be sure to complete the application form which also includes the barcode page. Note that your application may be returned or rejected if you don’t provide all the necessary information, documents and fees.

Step 6: Pay the processing fee: Pay the fees for your Canadian study permit. The fees have to be paid through bank draft or certified cheque.

Step 8: Submit your application: Ensure you submit your application in person Online or at a visa application centre (VAC).

You must also submit your application along with all the important documents and fees in agreement to the guidelines for the submission of your application.

You will receive a receipt. This receipt will carry your unique tracking number which is needed to track the progress of your application online.

Step 9: Track your application online: Use the unique tracking number to track your application online.

Official website canada

Hope this information is helpful? You can now apply for Canada Student Visa now that you know the requirements and steps involved.

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