Do you need to study for your UTME 2021 Exams by familiarizing yourself with 18,000+ Jamb previous questions and verified solutions?

The SOLOMONCARES JAMB CBT APP practice is the answer to all of your desired JAMB Exam results.

The JAMB CBT Tool is a safe, user-friendly app that allows you to simply explore and get the most out of your studies. The APP has 26 subjects loaded, which means it covers all of the subjects taught and approved by Jamb. The app is designed to work completely offline.

There is no requirement for an Internet subscription; all you need is a fully charged computer or an Android mobile device.

The Electronic Testing System & Preparatory Software was created.

What is the Process of Using Our CBT Software?

Based on prior JAMB/UTME questions, the CBT SOFTWARE generates simulated and randomized JAMB CBT exam questions.

The CBT SOFTWARE automatically sets the user’s time, marks the simulated examination, and scores it.

It also assigns grade to the user and generates a report on their performance. For a complete learning experience, answers to test questions, explanations of answers, and other features have been added. To assist prospective students in preparing for the JAMB CBT examination and assessing their exam readiness

This software, on the other hand, is a licensed application that is licensed per computer.

It’s not just another CBT SOFTWARE APP; it’s a preparatory tool for aspiring JAMB candidates. You can rest assured that you will receive a high grade.

What are the Benefits of Using Our JAMB CBT Software?

  • There is no subscription fee, and once engaged, it remains active indefinitely for all subjects!
    Offline version contains 18,800+ questions – practice real UTME past and model questions from 24 disciplines, with thorough explanations.
  • Study literature textbooks and practice over 1000 likely questions with this summary of 16 JAMB-recommended literature textbooks.
  • Does Not Expire – will continue to work as long as your device is powered on!
  • Practice by Topics – master any subject by practicing questions on any subject of interest.
  • Built-in Calculator — crunch numbers without leaving the exam interface with the built-in calculator.
  • Get the definitions of over 92,000 words in the dictionary offline.
  • You can practice one or more subjects at the same time – you can even practice all four courses simultaneously.
    Rich Result Analysis – get a complete breakdown of your exam performance.
    Voice (Text-To-Speech) — you can listen to queries and explanations in a fun way.
  • Educational Games – Learn while having fun with our enthralling games.
  • Bookmarks – save any question you want to come back to later.
  • The School Finder is the simplest way to find out what the JAMB requirements are for any programme in Nigeria.
  • Change the amount of questions, the exam year, the exam time, the exam mode, and the username with ease.
  • Offline Chatbot — use our custom-built Chabot to talk with Clara to obtain answers to most requests.

The features of this software are extensive, many, and limitless, thus failing in 2022 is no longer an option.

 Other Features on the UTME CBT Practice Software Features

  • The CBT engine is similar to JAMB, but with a more user-friendly interface.
    In both the question and option boxes, the CBT engine can display passages, photos, tables, subscripts, superscripts, and special symbols.
  • On gorgeous graphs, users may examine their scores, number of questions attempted, answering speed, and time spent, among other things.
  • It is possible to print or save the results.
  • There are 15 separate subjects (you can confirm that from the demo version)
  • There are real JAMB previous questions in this book (Up to 2021)
  • In your closet, experience the JAMB CBT hall.

Using the JAMB CBT Software to Prepare

When you practice what you’ll do on the exam, you’ll get the most out of your revision. Furthermore, writing down what you know to be the correct response makes it easier to recollect when the real exam arrives.
The JAMB CBT app demonstrates how jamb may astound pupils and affect students who are familiar with the exam format.

When you attempt at least 300 prior questions in each subject before taking the exam, you will have reached a state of self-readiness.
Top performers recognize that the question is typically repeated from the same place each year, with just minor differences in phrase structure or alternatives. While you’re looking over the previous investigation,

Knowing what to expect: If you study thoroughly with the JAMB CBT app, you will become more familiar with the contents of any topic, which will boost your self-confidence. People are terrified of the future because they have no idea what it will bring. They would have faced their fate with confidence if they had known.
You’ll be able to prepare yourself with everything you’ll need to meet it now that you know what to expect.

The objective of the CBT JAMB App:

The main goal of this page is to offer serious JAMBITES with the materials and information they require. I’m sure there are students out there who are eager to put in the effort to succeed in Jamb 2021. This app was created just for those who are ready to improve on their Jamb 2022 results.

Is the CBT Practice Software for the JAMB UTME Really Free?

Yes, you can get the JAMB program for free by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. However, as previously indicated, it is a licensed application, and you must pay to obtain its license and use its full capability.

In fact, before purchasing for the goods, you can try it out for free.

To make an impact, study like a professional and activate the app for unlimited access to questions. To use the app, follow these steps:

Select the Activate Button option. Following the installation of the application.
To purchase a license, scroll down. Purchase an activation key by clicking the Buy Activation Key button.
On the app, select a payment method (the bank option is easier).

You can use your bank app or a USSD code to pay with your phone.

Simply follow the Solomoncares jamb cbt app’s instructions.

IMPORTANT! The questions in this program are not in any way related to the questions you will write in your JAMB UTME in 2022. We don’t give pupils any materials that encourage them to cheat on exams. The information on this page is solely instructional and is intended for students studying for the aforementioned tests.
You will be prepared for your 2022 JAMB screening exercise in any method it will be presented on exam day once you have solved 20 challenging UTME questions on indices. Please download the JAMB CBT app from our website if you don’t already have one. Any examination’s secret is hidden in its previous questions. You can’t afford to enroll in any high Institution without having practiced with the previous questions This was the key to me passing and scoring well on my UTME exam.

NOTE: Spend a lot of time practicing JAMB previous questions, especially with our Good JAMB CBT practice program. This will help you understand how questions are structured and will boost your confidence.

JAMB CBT Software can be downloaded here.

For Android users


For Desktop 🖥️



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